Gnomes and Snails

Ok, forget the fishing reel, here's the ultimate gnome accessory: a pet snail!

Growing up, my sister Ina and I would each pick a snail in the garden and keep it for a couple of weeks in a terrarium, which could be re-purposed as an aquarium or a vivarium, depending on which poor animal we'd choose to terrorize.
We'd name our snail, feed it, take them for a crawl, make them race, and then release shim (they're hermaphrodite). A month later, we'd pick another one.
But not the same ones from before! We could tell them apart by their shell.
We stopped doing that when we left the house for college.

Moogie Hackenfeffer, Ambroise and Tap-Tap Le Swain, and Lupin Saint Gussage. Thank you Patricia for the brilliant names!